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Why Choose Us?

Jireh Wireless is a major role-player in the telecommunications industry, focusing primarily on Voice over IP (VoIP) services which we provide through our footprint in all the major cities in South Africa.

Our vision is to create a difference in the way telecommunication is implemented in South Africa.  Our drive is to simplify the implementation process by eliminating the moving parts.  We have been successful in our endeavor and today we are able to offer a plug and play solution for home and business.


Jireh Wireless strives to enable affordable communication for all walks of life in South Africa. We continue to innovate our technology to create the most affordable and versatile telephony for our customers

Price Guarantee

Jireh Wireless stands behind our promise in delivering a good service product, with all our products having no contract policy and a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE no questions asked.

Easy Installation

Jireh Wireless offers easy to install solutions to suit each customers needs, both for business and residential markets.  We are proud of the fact that our clients are not forced into lengthy contracts.

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