Get fibre Internet from R749 per month

Why Choose Us?

We have been in the industry for over 16 years and will help you to get the best package for your needs.

Free Installation

Receive a free quality installation in your home, T&C’s apply.

No Activation Fee

No need to pay an activation fee to get started.

Price Guarantee

Our pricing will remain the same, unless a network, has a price increase.

Fibre Plans

10 Mbps


Line: 10/10 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R749.00

20 Mbps


Line: 20/20 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R829.00

25 Mbps


Line: 25/25 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R839.00

50 Mbps


Line: 50/50 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R1,049.00


100 Mbps


Line: 100/10 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R1,059.00


Line: 100/100 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R1,209.00

200 Mbps


Line: 200/20 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R1,239.00


Line: 200/200 Mbps

Price/Monthly: R1,385.00

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